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Tzigah Idhe

by Den Arkaiska Rösten

Tzigah Idhe 23:59


Distant and otherworldly vocals that spin around the listener introduce the sounds of Tzigah Idhe. Layers upon layers of vocal clips and lines weave and intertwine as the recording begins to escalate quickly with a rising tension and pace, whispering invocations and chants of spaces between. As all sense of time and song structure evades a whirring synth line emerges, wavering and undulating in odd balance with the Gregorian like chanting. Vocals constantly morph becoming deeper and masculine as a mechanized loop crunches and pulls in an ever shifting procession, voices breaking away then uniting in synchronization as a choir. The multitude of chanting throats becoming agonized wails that join in unison being met with glitched out bursts of electronic distortion and crunch. Alternating bursts of static, the blasts gurgling and murmuring in a voice of its own as if in panic, a complete machine shut down closing out the first portion. Choral singing initiates Side B accompanied by a very desolate but dynamic dark ambient section. First a singular voice, then another as the pace hastens and the voices seem to multiply becoming many surrounding you on all sides. Chthonic sounding invocations build more and more, meshing with the simple beat, the drone blending with the voices with the music dropping out allowing certain aspects of the voices to come forward before falling back towards nothingness. Ebbing and flowing, torrents of sound and beautiful silences. A buzzing horn, a trumpet across the abyss, pistons hiss and electronics shift as the vocals return to where the tape began in a very similar structure, but with more immanence and grandeur as the pounding grows louder, the mantra like tongues perhaps a backwards prayer to conclude this return to where we began. Dimensions of Time and Silence.


released February 17, 2018

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